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Suspect arrested after threat against Natalie Portman's 'Lady in the Lake' crew
Police say this vendor "was upset that he had not been compensated by the production for lost business."
Michael Douglas finds his inner Founding Father in first look at Ben Franklin Apple TV+ series
"I think people will see one of Michael Douglas' greatest performances ever in this project," says producer Tony Krantz of Franklin.
Oughta Get a Nod: We Own This City and its dynamic star Jon Bernthal
The newest feat of investigation from The Wire’s makers deserves all the Limited Series nominations that the TV-movie stars are trying to steal.
Oughta Get a Nod: Hamish Linklater for Midnight Mass
The actor also appeared on Gaslit and Angelyne, but here's why Emmy voters should recognize him for his work on Netflix's horror series.

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