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ANTM cycle 9 winner Saleisha Stowers addresses controversy over pre-show work: 'I was within the guidelines'
Stowers denies "favoritism" after it was revealed that she appeared on The Tyra Banks Show and in a Wendy's commercial ahead of ANTM: "I genuinely worked for it."
America's Next Top Model stars open up about on-air sexual misconduct: 'I was in such deep shock'
Adrianne Curry and Keenyah Hill recall a sexual assault and an alleged instance of sexual harassment that aired on ANTM cycles 1 and 4.
America's Next Top Model contestants address switching races for shoots: 'This is uncomfortable'
Tyra Banks' popular ANTM reality competition series switched the cast's races on cycle 4 and cycle 13: "I looked around and I'm like, 'Guys, but I'm in blackface right now.'"
Watch Doja Cat — dressed as a cat — meow through an entire Met Gala interview
"Meow," the rapper said in response to an interview question on the carpet. "Meow, meow, meow."
Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer who popularized punk styles, dies at 81
Her designs were worn by everyone from the likes of the Sex Pistols to Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw.

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The best movie fashion of 2022
Movie style is a very subjective thing: Is it about runway-anointed fashion or everyday, character-driven looks? Painstakingly capturing a moment in history, or creating the most fantastical visions possible? Mid-century glam or teddy bear tracksuits? The great thing about the entries on this list is that it can be all of these things, everywhere, all at once. Here are the movies with the most memorable fashion moments of the year.
Janice Dickinson regrets nothing she said on America's Next Top Model: 'It was acting'

The judge shared a short video addressing her signature harsh critiques on Tyra Banks' long-running reality competition show.