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Brandi Carlile is a portrait of grace and acceptance on In These Silent Days
Brandi Carlile has proven herself constitutionally incapable of making a bad album. She's not about to start now.
Mickey Guyton follows her instincts on the triumphant Remember Her Name
On her long-awaited debut, Guyton demonstrates how reflecting a more complete picture of America can only make country music better.
All the Single Ladies: 8 blistering country divorce anthems
When love goes wrong, what's a sad, mad cowgirl to do? Ask country's all-time queens.
On Star-crossed, Kacey Musgraves goes it alone
Recorded in the wake of her divorce, the singer's new album feels like both the essence of country music (love hurts, life is hard) and an extremely 2021 refraction of it.
Keith Urban shares throwback video of a talent show judge telling him he isn't solo artist material
"Sometimes…you just gotta prove ’em wrong," the country star wrote alongside the clip, which shows him singing with a guitar at 16.

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