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Get brunch with Dan Levy: An exclusive preview of his heartwarming reality competition The Big Brunch
"The whole thing is just like a nice warm hug," the Schitt's Creek star says of his new HBO Max culinary show, which will award one chef $300,000.
Celebrity chef Mario Batali acquitted of sexual misconduct
The chef and former TV host was found not guilty of indecent assault and battery in a bench trial.
Mark Long was more nervous to compete on Worst Cooks in America than The Challenge
"I've jumped out of airplanes, I've raced cars, I've done so many crazy, wild things that other people fear," the reality star says, "but I had never been so nervous going into this show and having to cook every day."

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See what past MasterChef Junior champions have been up to since their wins
Ahead of the MasterChef Junior season 8 premiere, check out where the show's past ingenues have ended up.
Netflix is bringing back Iron Chef in a 'supersized' way
'Netflix's Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend' is taking a "supersized approach" to the beloved, trailblazing culinary competition format.
Top Chef winner Gabe Erales apologizes in wake of sexual misconduct allegations

Erales admitted to a "consensual relationship" with a coworker which led to his firing from Austin's Comedor restaurant.