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Danielle Panabaker breaks down The Flash series finale surprise reunion: 'How I wanted to go out'
"It's how I joined the show, and it was appropriate that that's how I left the show as well," the actor tells EW.
The Flash showrunner and Grant Gustin break down series finale, reveal alternate endings
The actor, current showrunner Eric Wallace, and previous showrunner Todd Helbing all had different ideas for how they wanted the long-running series to end.
Grant Gustin reflects on the pros and cons of wearing a superhero suit on The Flash
"There'd be moments where we're going to get me out of it, and they're going to pull the zipper and it breaks. Then they've got to fix the suit, but there's that moment you're trapped in it."

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Grant Gustin reveals he got COVID in last days of filming The Flash series finale
"I didn't get COVID for three years and we were six days away from finishing and I somehow got COVID," the actor tells EW.