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Eva Longoria ponders where Gabby Ruiz is today, but doesn't think a Desperate Housewives reboot is likely
"There's a lot of things we said and did that was groundbreaking, and I don't think it is now," mused the actress.
Harvey Guillén teases What We Do in the Shadows season 5: 'Guillermo is taking matters into his own hands'
"The whole idea of becoming a vampire is becoming a vampire at a young age, where you're still youthful," explains the actor, who currently graces EW's 2023 Pride cover.
Don't cry because Ted Lasso went off the rails; smile because it happened
Let's not let a disappointing third (and final?) season diminish Ted Lasso's legacy.
Jason Sudeikis says Ted Lasso story is 'done'
"We only conceived these three [seasons]," says the show's co-creator and star.

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