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Madonna biopic not moving forward ahead of global icon's world tour
Madonna was set to direct the movie with a cast rumored to feature Julia Garner.
Why does playing Marilyn Monroe garner more Oscar love than she ever got?
Ana de Armas is the latest to land an Oscar nomination for playing Marilyn Monroe. Why did the Academy overlook the woman herself?
See footage of Steven Spielberg's parents in The Fabelmans bonus features clip
Spielberg shared everything from photos to home movie footage with his cast in preparation for their roles.

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Back to Black movie reveals Industry star's transformation into Amy Winehouse
"I will create a movie that we will all love and cherish forever. Just like we do Amy," says director Sam Taylor-Johnson.
Claire Foy says she was 'made to feel really uptight' for being scared to film with a 'random' elephant
"Maybe I was a bit of a baby about it, but I was a bit like, 'I feel like this is a bit unsafe, guys,'" she said about the scene, from 2017's 'Breathe.'