Before it gets adapted into a Netflix series, iconic comic The Sandman is being adapted into an audio drama by Audible — narrated by co-creator Neil Gaiman.
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Get ready to enter the Dreaming in a whole new way. Audible announced on Tuesday that it would be adapting the iconic comic series The Sandman into audio-drama form — with the help of co-creator Neil Gaiman, of course.

The Sandman was created by Gaiman, alongside artists Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, and originally published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint. The story begins with an occultist attempting to capture and harness the power of Death. Instead, his spell catches Death's brother, Dream, and imprisons him for 70 years. When Dream (also known as Morpheus) finally emerges from his prison, he immediately sets about reclaiming his various artifacts of power. Though that sounds like traditional dark-fantasy genre fare, from there The Sandman goes about exploring all kinds of avenues of fiction and storytelling.

Gaiman is on board as creative director, executive producer, and narrator. Dirk Maggs, who previously collaborated with Gaiman on audio-drama adaptations of his novels Neverwhere, Stardust, Good Omens, and Anansi Boys, is serving as executive producer, scriptwriter, and director.

Neil Gaiman, Sandman #1
Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage; DC Comics

“Almost 30 years ago, Dirk Maggs approached DC about adapting The Sandman into audio form. It didn't happen (although it was how Dirk and I first crossed paths) and I'm glad it didn't happen, because we are in a Golden Age of audio drama right now, and Dirk and I are much better at what we are doing,” Gaiman said in a statement. “This is a rich audio adaptation of The Sandman graphic novels, brilliantly crafted by Dirk Maggs, with an all-star cast. I've loved being there to talk casting, there to read the scripts and offer occasional advice, and there in the studios, watching magic get made and recording the narration. I can't wait until the world hears what we've done.”

This is not the only adaptation of The Sandman on the horizon. Last summer, Netflix announced it was ordering a TV adaptation of the comic, with Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman) as showrunner and Gaiman and David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) working as writers and executive producers.

The Sandman audio drama will be available to download exclusively on Audible this summer. For a taste of what it might sound like, listen to the clip Gaiman tweeted below.

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