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Jeff Probst takes us inside the Survivor casting process
"Putting on a front doesn't work, as our process is designed to sniff out anyone who isn't being authentic," says the host and executive producer.
Andor director Toby Haynes discusses mysterious fate of Kino Loy
The director gets into that heart-wrenching reveal, noting that "it was a surprise to us all."
Which Survivor 43 players said before the game they would not skip a challenge for food?
We asked the cast before the season began if they would sit out of a challenge for food, and their answers did not always match up with what just happened on the show.
Jeanine Zheng reveals reaction to Jesse having her Survivor immunity idol
The ousted player also discusses having the most famous chin on reality TV.
Survivor players struggle to spell 'preposterous' in deleted scene
Cody is not the only one having trouble with spelling in this scene that never made it to air.

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The Winchesters star Bianca Kajlich talks ditching Millie's coveralls to join a hunt

"It is my favorite costume that I've worn to date," Bianca Kajlich says of Millie Winchester's coveralls.