The Japanese park's newest themed land to open in February 2021.

Universal Studios Japan is leveling up its stellar new attraction with a stunning first-look preview.

The Osaka-based resort has unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming Super Nintendo World themed land, which offers an up-close look inside the attraction's marquee draw: A massive ride modeled after the popular Mario Kart video game series.

Across a series of images, the trailer reveals the loading platform for the new ride — titled Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge — as well as the four-passenger vehicles that will carry riders along a high-speed journey through various landscapes from the games.

The teaser also shows off a large interior statue of the villainous Bowser, the primary antagonist who first appeared in Nintendo's inaugural Super Mario Bros. title in 1985.

Also seen in the preview is a video overview of Super Nintendo World, showing off physical replicas of the Super Mario Bros. universe, including spinning coins, moving mushrooms, and the slow-roving carts for the land's half-indoor, half-outdoor Yoshi-themed ride.

Built for around $433 million, Super Nintendo World boasts restaurants, live entertainment, and attractions based on Shigeru Miyamoto's iconic video game series, with appearances from characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and more. While the Japanese edition of the themed land will be the first to open at the top of 2021, North American versions are slated to open in the future at Universal Studios Hollywood and at the planned Epic Universe in Florida.

Super Nintendo World will hold its grand opening at Universal Studios Japan on Feb. 4. Watch the trailer above.

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