It’s the company’s first major foray into AR. 

By Nina Huang
October 16, 2020 at 03:15 AM EDT
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Last month when Nintendo announced new games, accessories, and merchandise to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario franchise, there was nothing more exciting than hearing about Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. In its demonstration video, the company showed off the (literally) game-changing Home Circuit set that turned a living room into a Mario Kart course. The excitement this led to has made Home Circuit  the number one gaming must-buy for the upcoming holiday season. 

After much anticipation, players can finally grab the Mario or Luigi Home Circuit sets at major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. For $100 each, the sets come with the Home Circuit game, customizable course materials like gates, and the wireless connectable kart with Luigi or Mario (depending on which version you choose). 


Buy it! Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Mario or Luigi Set, $99.99 at or

Using augmented reality, the Home Circuit kits connect the kart in the set to your Switch or Switch Lite via the accompanying Home Circuit game. Rather than racing through one of the many classic Mario Kart courses, players instead drive through their own course in their home, which is customized with real-life objects that the karts respond to accordingly. 

The visuals on the Switch screen still include in-game Mario Kart environments like jungles and snowscapes, and since the kart is controlled by the console, players can use special moves — like boosts and green turtle shells — as they normally would. If boosted or hit with a shell, the kart responds by speeding up or slowing down in real life, and if it bumps against a real-life obstacle, the kart halts in the game as well. 

As expected with the Switch’s great multiplayer capabilities, the Home Circuit game can be played with up to four people as long as each gamer has their own Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit cartridge as well as Mario or Luigi karts. With more speed settings, costumes, environments, and special features available to unlock as you play along, this set is likely to be a mainstay even past the holiday season. 

Home Circuit represents an exciting step into augmented reality for the company — shop the just launched sets that are bound to become best-sellers, below, before they’re sold out.


Buy it! Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Mario Set, $99.99 at or


Buy it! Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Luigi Set, $99.99 at or

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