A 25-minute presentation unveiled tons of new details and footage, including eight minutes of gameplay.


With Marvel's Avengers being the first big console game to feature Earth's mightiest heroes, it calls for an equally mighty villain. Enter George Tarleton, more commonly recognized as his floating form in the comics, MODOK.

The game publishers at Square Enix and developers at Crystal Dynamics unveiled their big bad in a virtual "war table" presentation Wednesday, which came equipped with extensive gameplay and story details from the coming title.

The game's arc takes place in a world where the Avengers and superheroism are outlawed, all because of an attack involving Taskmaster (soon to be seen in live-action in the Black Widow movie) on the team's Terrigen-reactor-powered helicarrier that claimed the life of Captain America. Marvel fans will rightfully raise an eyebrow at the word Terrigen. Expectedly, the explosion caused the release of Terrigen mist into the atmosphere, transforming dormant Inhumans and awakening their powers.

With fan favorite Kamala Khan being one of them, she must re-assemble the Avengers to fight Tarleton, whose tech company A.I.M. has become the dominant policing force. In the presentation, we learn that Tarleton has been harvesting power for his robot army by torturing Inhumans. "Programmable power under our control," he says. "No more heroes."

In addition to the villain reveal, Square Enix dropped eight minutes of gameplay to show how a story mission focused on a single playable character will play out. As Thor, who's been operating under his human alias, Donald Blake (another inspiration from the comics), gamers will use his array of godly Asgardian abilities to fight A.I.M.'s robotic contraptions taking over the helicarrier.

Marvel's Avengers will drop Sept. 4 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and Microsoft Windows systems. It will also be offered for free on the PlayStation 5 when the console launches this holiday season for any player who already purchased it for the PlayStation 4.

Watch the complete war table presentation above.

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