Hawkeye's protege will be the first playable character arriving after the game launches.

Marvel's Avengers
Credit: Square Enix

Here's yet another case where the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be paused, but the Marvel gaming universe keeps on keeping on.

While MCU fans await developments on the planned Hawkeye series for Disney+, featuring Clint Barton's famous protege Kate Bishop, the arrow-slinger was revealed as a new playable character coming to the Marvel's Avengers video game.

News arrived Tuesday during a virtual presentation. Not only will Kate be new to the game, but she'll be the very first one introduced as a playable post-launch character.

Marvel's Avengers will arrive Friday with a "Reassembled" story campaign about newly minted Inhuman Kamala Khan reassembling the Avengers team to take down villain MODOK and his AI army. In October, the developers at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will release "Taking AIM," a downloadable new story mission that sees the introduction of Kate.

She and Hawkeye had been looking into the disappearance of SHIELD head Nick Fury after the infamous A-Day, a day that resulted in the death of Captain America and the disbanding of the Avengers years earlier. Now, Hawkeye is missing and Kate's joining up with Earth's mightiest heroes to find him.

Hawkeye will then be made available as a playable character in November when another DLC story hits. Spider-Man is also on the list of confirmed characters coming down the line.

"This game isn't just one and done," head of studio Scot Amos told EW. "It's launching and then supported for years to come."

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