Check out new FFVII Remake video of Cloud, Tifa, and Barret taking down the Airbuster with the help of a Leviathan summon.

By Evan Lewis
March 02, 2020 at 08:30 AM EST

Square Enix has a busy publishing schedule in 2020, with several major titles planned between April and the holiday season. The highest profile of those projects, even with the Avengers as competition, is Final Fantasy VII Remake. Last month, Square Enix invited EW to its offices in Los Angeles for an extended, three-hour play session with FFVII Remake.

Despite the fact that I’m not especially well versed in the Final Fantasy franchise, I found my time with Remake to be highly engaging, combining old-school, over-the-top JRPG campiness with sleek, modern touches. Portions of gameplay that were made available to me included the Scorpion Sentinel boss battle that was on display at last year’s E3, the immediate aftermath of that battle, which follows Cloud as he retreats through the city streets and has his first encounter with Aerith, the chapter leading up to a boss battle with the Airbuster, and one additional boss battle with Abzu, which Square Enix showed off at Tokyo Game Show.

The Airbuster is a combat mech prototype designed by the nefarious Shinra corporation, and heroes Cloud, Barret, and Tifa decide to sabotage and destroy it to deal a blow to Shinra’s propaganda machine. Throughout the level leading up to the Airbuster, the group has a few chances to divert parts of the Airbuster away to change how the eventual fight will play out. Each Shinra terminal gives Cloud a choice between two parts to sabotage, and depending on what he chooses, the boss will have fewer hard hitting attacks available, or the party will gain some beneficial items.

This video clip, provided by Square Enix, is a highlight reel of a much more elegant battle than the one I personally controlled against the Airbuster and shows the stylish bedlam of summons and limit breaks an experienced player can unleash when they aren’t fumbling for the Phoenix Downs every other minute.

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