We talked to the lucky recipient of the actor's DM. And yes, he left a tip.
Elijah Wood, Animal Crossing
Credit: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images; Nintendo

Like many savvy businesspeople these days, Elijah Wood is just trying to sell his turnips at the best price.

If that sounds confusing, you're probably unfamiliar with the hit Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But either way, you should know that Wood, the Lord of the Rings star and all-around wholesome guy, apparently DM'ed a random Twitter user to get hooked up with a great deal in the simulation game, and now that person has received more than 500 requests from other players looking to do the same.

"He's actually in my DMs right now," Jessica Kovalick, who went viral when she tweeted a screenshot of the purported message from Wood, tells EW. "He asked how to leave a tip," the 23-year-old New Jersey resident adds with a laugh.

A representative for Wood did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation that he sent the DM. Kovalick provided a screen recording from her phone showing her scrolling to a DM that appeared to be from Wood's verified Twitter account, and Wood's Twitter account has also liked several of Kovalick's tweets recounting her story.

As background for those who don't play, Animal Crossing is a cute life-simulation game in which players reside in small island villages, where they make tools, build homes, go fishing, invite friends over to visit, and buy and sell items like turnips. Prices for buying and selling are randomly determined, and change at set times.

On Thursday, Kovalick tweeted that her island was buying turnips for the stellar price of 599 Bells (Bells being the game's currency). "I've been waiting for [the price of turnips] to break the 500s," she says. "I've seen it break 600s once or twice."

Soon after her tweet, Kovalick says she got a direct message from @elijahwood: "would love your dodo code to sell these turnips!" (Dodo codes allow players to connect in the game.) She said yes and was visited by a player named Elwood, who was quick to compliment Kovalick's island once he arrived at her airport.

"Your island is beautiful," Elwood says in a screenshot tweeted by Kovalick. Elwood also politely asked if he could pick some fruit on her island, and Kovalick obliged.

After tweeting about her esteemed guest, Kovalick might now have the most popular island on Animal Crossing.

"It's about time," Kovalick says jokingly, adding that she started playing the game casually during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, she says, "I'm just standing by my airport. Every few seconds, I get ding that someone is going in or out."

Kovalick can only speculate as to how she ended up here. Could it have something to do with her and Wood both being major Star Wars fans? (Kovalick's Twitter handle, @directedbyrian, is a reference to The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, and her avi is a picture of Star Wars actor Adam Driver.)

Or maybe it was just straight-up luck. "The only thing I can think of is perfect timing," Kovalick says. "Him searching my hashtags."

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