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Original The Last of Us stars join HBO series as first-look photo drops
See the new Joel and Ellie as the original Joel and Ellie join the HBO drama.
Stray allows you to be 'as annoying as you want' as a cat — and that's part of the fun
See footage from the game where you play as a stray cat traversing a futuristic city of robots.
The Resident Evil video games are the backstory for Netflix's live-action series
Yes, even the tall vampire lady from Resident Evil: Village exists in this world.
Sorry, you'll have to wait a year to hear Chris Pratt go, 'It's a-me, Mario!'
Universal and Nintendo have delayed the Super Mario Bros. movie till 2023.
Halo producer unpacks why the TV show succeeds where the movie failed
TV's got a new game plan: Halo marks a new trend on the small screen that sees popular video games being adapted as live-action blockbuster dramas.

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Hollywood 2032: The far-out future of entertainment
Your exclusive, not-at-all-hypothetical look at pop culture a decade from now, including augmented reality and virtual movie stars.
Horror movie stars head to a summer camp of horrors in Until Dawn follow-up The Quarry
Scream's David Arquette, Insidious' Lin Shaye, Aliens' Lance Henriksen, and more star in the new choice-driven horror game from the makers of 2015 hit Until Dawn.
Whoa, Big Daddy! BioShock movie is back from the dead at Netflix

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski was once set to make the project, but it was put on hold in 2009. Now the film has popped back up.