By Nick Romano
October 15, 2019 at 08:15 AM EDT


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Fortnite is dead. Long live Fortnite.

The popular Battle Royale game is finally back after that mysterious black hole incident that sucked the entire island map into oblivion, and now we have answers.

Our first look at what’s been branded as Fortnite Chapter 2 debuts in a new season 1 trailer for this next installment.

In the climax of season 10, from what we’ll now call Fortnite Chapter 1, a rocket was fired into the sky, creating a rift in the fabric of reality and prompting a cascade of events that created a black hole. The game, and all social media feeds, were down following the event, having been replaced by a livestream video of an idling black hole.

On Tuesday, the aftermath was revealed.

The Chapter 2 launch trailer, as well as a separate gameplay trailer, reveals players were transported to a brand-new island with 13 fresh locations. With it comes water gameplay (swimming, fishing, motorboats, and more), new group emotes (including high fives), upgraded combat and arsenal, new hideout capabilities, new ways to level up, and more.

The official Fortnite website also announced a new patch update with bug fixes and features.

As for those mysterious numbers that appeared around the black hole, the prevalent theory believes the numbers decipher a code that reads, “I was not alone. Others were outside the Loop. This was not calculated. The moment is now inevitable.” But, like, who knows?

So, there you have it. Fortnite destroyed itself only to rise again from nothing.

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