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Battlefield V is adding a multiplayer Battle Royale that will be “reimagined for Battlefield,” developers announced Saturday during EA Games’ press conference at E3. Footage of the new mode was then teased in the latest game trailer, which debuted online shortly after the presentation.

“It will be unlike anything you’ve played before, and we’ll have more to talk about later this year,” the developers teased.

In addition, Battlefield V players will now be able to “dive and smash through windows to surprise your enemies,” move turrets around the map, drive tanks straight through buildings, and customize characters more.

As for single-player, the game will focus on “those untold stories that got us excited to start with,” the developers said. That will include a focus on “moments of human heroism” and “facing the brutality of war.”

“No loot boxes, no premium pass,” they confirmed to audience applause.

Battlefield V is set against the backdrop of World War II. “War Stories” — bringing players to locations like France and Norway during this volatile time period — were also glimpsed in the trailer.

Oskar Gabrielson, general manager of game developer DICE, had to address the backlash against Battlefield V over the inclusion of female soldiers when the sequel was first revealed. It’s as he tweeted in May: “Player choice and female playable characters are here to stay.”

The latest installment of the franchise will drop on Oct. 19 for PC, XBox One, and PlayStation 4. EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial will come early on Oct. 11 and Deluxe Edition early enlister access will open on Oct. 16.

Watch the new trailer above.

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