Find out exactly what Thanos will be able to do

Today’s the day! Thanos has touched down in the world of Fortnite, as shown in a new teaser trailer for the Avengers: Infinity War crossover.

Starting today, players can unlock the “Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup” mode in Fortnite: Battle Royal. Just like a typical Battle Royale, 100 players will descend upon a map and fight each other until one is left standing. But, as EW reported on Monday, the Infinity Gauntlet, the Mad Titan’s weapon of choice in Avengers: Infinity War, will appear.

The first player to find and equip the gauntlet will transform into Thanos. Epic Games remained mum on further details, but the teaser gives us a taste of what that transformation looks like. Plus, the mode is now available, so players can enter the game and find out exactly what Thanos is capable of.

Early in the game, a meteor will land on the storm safe zone, bringing the gauntlet with it. Once a player finds it and becomes Thanos, everyone else is free to take him or her down. Every time Thanos is defeated, the gauntlet will be up for grabs. Though, if it remains untouched for too long, the artifact will vanish, and you’ll have to wait for another meteor to bring it back.

Credit: PlayStation

As for Thanos’ powers, he has a punch that knocks back opponents and destroys structures, a super jump that vaults him over most obstacles, shields that regenerate when an enemy is defeated, an area ground attack, and a Power Stone attack. In the Infinity War film, the purple Power Stone was able to destroy entire planets. In Fortnite, Thanos uses the gem to fire a blast that deals damage over time. Additional information on the limited time mode can be found on the Fortnite website.

This mash-up marks the first branded crossover between Fortnite and another money-making franchise. The success of the partnership could spell future crossovers for the game.

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