Get ready for the Spider-Punk suit

Prepare your bank accounts. Marvel’s Spider-Man, the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 game based on the world of the web-slinger, is officially coming to the console this Sept. 7.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Insomniac Games made the announcement, along with the additional reveals of the official game cover, pre-order bonuses, pricing, and intel on the Digital Deluxe and Collector’s editions.

Marvel’s Spider-Man deals with a new kind of Peter Parker, one we haven’t previously seen before. As has been teased in the past, this one is more experienced. Although, he’s still trying to hold his personal life together and balance the weight of the world on the shoulders.

Gamers can purchase the title through retail or digital stores for $59.99. The Digital Deluxe version — which will include new story chapters for Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps, a companion DLC series that will launch after the game drops — will retail for $79.99. Pre-orders will come with a Spidey pin.

Then there’s the Collector’s Edition, a $149.99 collection that features all the Digital Deluxe goodness, plus a Steelbook case, art book, and Spider-Man statue.

While complete details can be found on the official PlayStation blog, one thing we can’t ignore is punk Spidey. Pre-ordering any edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man comes with a host of perks, one of which is a pack of new costumes for the wall-crawler. Shown in the new teaser (above), Peter Parker has a Spider-Punk suit.

Additional looks will be revealed as we get closer to the game’s release date, but the studs and jacket already make this pre-order a must.

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