By Nivea Serrao
February 16, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST

Monopoly Token Madness has already resulted in its first casualty: the Thimble.

The piece — which became a part of the board game since it was added in 1935 — will be retired, and will no longer be one of the tokens players can choose from.

The decision came as part of the worldwide vote Hasbro is currently holding, in which fans of the game are allowed to pick which tokens they think should be a part of the set, with the eight most popular pieces aligned to become the new line up. However, the change won’t come about until August, when games will be sold featuring the fan-chosen pieces. Among the options are a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a penguin, and a selection of emojis.


While the Thimble will be retiring, fans can continue voting for their favorites at, with the results of the vote set to be announced on March 19 (a.k.a. World Monopoly Day). Click here to see all 64 tokens vying for a spot in the box.


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