By Nivea Serrao
Updated December 21, 2016 at 05:33 PM EST
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment gave players an early holiday gift in the form of a comic based on its popular game Overwatch. But as readers flipping through the issue quickly realized, the present was a little bigger than imagined — as not only did it expand the game’s universe, but revealed something fans have been waiting for a long time: Tracer has a girlfriend.

As seen in the pages of the comic, Tracer — like the rest of the Overwatch team — is celebrating Christmas and surprises her girlfriend Emily with a scarf as a present, receiving a kiss for her efforts. The pair later attends team member Winston’s party together.

The reveal is a big deal in terms of representation, especially considering Tracer’s popularity and visibility — not just within the game, but also in its marketing. But it’s also in keeping with Blizzard Entertainment’s statements that there are LGBT characters within the game, making Tracer only the first to be confirmed.

“As in real life, having variety in our characters and their identities and backgrounds helps create a richer and deeper overall fictional universe,” Blizzard Entertainment said in a statement to EW. “From the beginning, we’ve wanted the universe of Overwatch to feel welcoming and inclusive, and to reflect the diversity of our players around the world.”

See the comic panels below.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

—This post has been updated since it’s original publication to include a statement from Blizzard Entertainment.