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The Resident Evil video games are the backstory for Netflix's live-action series
Yes, even the tall vampire lady from Resident Evil: Village exists in this world.
Sorry, you'll have to wait a year to hear Chris Pratt go, 'It's a-me, Mario!'
Universal and Nintendo have delayed the Super Mario Bros. movie till 2023.
Halo producer unpacks why the TV show succeeds where the movie failed
TV's got a new game plan: Halo marks a new trend on the small screen that sees popular video games being adapted as live-action blockbuster dramas.
Hollywood 2032: The far-out future of entertainment
Your exclusive, not-at-all-hypothetical look at pop culture a decade from now, including augmented reality and virtual movie stars.
Horror movie stars head to a summer camp of horrors in Until Dawn follow-up The Quarry
Scream's David Arquette, Insidious' Lin Shaye, Aliens' Lance Henriksen, and more star in the new choice-driven horror game from the makers of 2015 hit Until Dawn.

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