This year, the Academy Awards is celebrating 90 years of film. Through the storied history of the awards show, there have been hundreds of winners from across all categories. On this monumental anniversary, EW wanted to pick the best of the best. We’ve already awarded the best Best Actor (Tom Hanks) and Best Actress (Vivien Leigh). Now, we’ve put winners in the Best Picture category in head-to-head battles.

EW’s movie critics selected the top 64 Best Picture winners to enter the bracket. You narrowed those options down to a powerful top two: Gone With the Wind and Schindler’s List. And the winner is…

Gone With the Wind

The 1939 Southern epic was your pick for the best Best Picture winner in Oscar history. Head here for more, and share your take on the winning film on social media with the hashtag #EWOscarBattle. (You can also download the completed bracket here.)

The 90th annual Academy Awards ceremony airs on March 4.