EW's BINGE podcast welcomes AS3 legends to spill on the most shocking moment in All Stars herstory, Shangela's hilarious method acting, a never-before-seen 10-minute cut of Davenport's Bitchelor performance, and what went down in that final jury deliberation.

BenDeLaCreme eliminated herself from RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 because that's what? The gag of the season. Bedtime BD herself joins the latest episode of EW's BINGE podcast alongside fellow AS3 legend Kennedy Davenport to discuss the aftermath of the most shocking exit in the show's herstory.

In the episode (listen above), DeLa reveals that the "meandering path" to the decision she made to eliminate herself from the competition wasn't something she'd planned from the beginning of the competition, but rather a seemingly cosmic alignment of queen energy. For starters, she got the Wite-Out she used to write her name on one of the lipsticks from her AS3 cast mate Thorgy Thor, and the concept to write someone else's name over an existing stick sprung from a running joke she started with eventual season winner Trixie Mattel that would've involved writing "RuPaul" or "Michelle Visage" on the tube as a prank.

"There was this moment where I was like, ok, I've really established myself, people do see me as a frontrunner, I've broken some records, if I decide I'm not going to play by these rules, no one is going to be able to say that she gave up because she couldn't do it," DeLa remembers, while Davenport confirms that other moments organically "just led up" to the big, unplanned reveal. "It was kind of this perfect thing where, in this moment, I kind of was fed up with the conflict generating with that moment with Morgan [McMichaels], I saw that I'd actually already done what I needed to do, and these little moments clicked into place.... it felt like fate."

She says she was shocked that production didn't stop her from making the choice, and she's thankful they allowed it to play out as she wished. Still, she's unsure if she would've pulled the stunt the next time she won a lip-sync if she'd lost the duel against BeBe Zahara Benet.

"Who knows? Probably not. It was a thing that was relevant to the moment. Maybe I would've, but I don't dwell on pasts that don't exist," she finishes.

Davenport insists it was a "real moment" for her, too: "I was boo-hoo crying over there, honey," she says. "You know when it's your time to go home and that was really my time to go home. Had she not went home, I do believe I probably would've gone home that episode!"

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Kennedy Davenport and BenDeLaCreme discuss shocking moments in EW's BINGE podcast 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3' recap.
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Other topics covered on this episode include:

  • Shangela's hilarious method acting to get into character as Mariah Carey for the musical challenge
  • Davenport's mini oral history on her iconic RuDemption chicken look that she insists is not a chicken (and which RuGirl purchased the piece after her original season)
  • A call to "Release The Bitchelor Cut," as BenDeLaCreme and Davenport say there are 10-minute versions of their hilarious performances in the challenge (plus: they reveal what they did in those extra moments, too)
  • Davenport pays tribute to her late friend and RuPaul's Drag Race icon Chi Chi DeVayne
  • The circumstances surrounding the infamous Thorgy Thor note Trixie Mattel had in her station
  • BenDeLaCreme discusses coming back to the show after self-eliminating for the finale deliberation (and shares tea on how the group might've felt voting for Davenport and Mattel versus Shangela)
  • Davenport reveals that, after a period of tension, she and Mattel have had lovely conversations about repairing their relationship after an intense season

Tune in again next week as EW's BINGE welcomes Naomi Smalls, Monique Heart, and Manila Luzon for a full RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 recap. Listen to BenDeLaCreme and Kennedy Davenport discuss All Stars 3 above.

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