"First of all, no one's titties were big enough!" says the Drag Race OG as she breaks down the AS7 Parton fashions and reveals how she thinks she'd perform on an all-winners season.

She did it on the bed and she did it on the floor, Kylie Sonique Love's takes on RuPaul's Drag Race are never a bore — especially when it comes to the All Stars 6 champion passing the show's country-fried Dolly Parton torch to her All Stars 7 successors.

The trans trailblazer (who last year undeniably slayed the AS6 Snatch Game challenge as Parton) joins EW's BINGE podcast (below) to break down her sisters' approach to the latest episode's Night of 1,000 Dolly Partons runway theme, which saw eight former winners grace the Main Stage in various interpretations of the superstar's fashions over the years.

"I think I liked everyone's look for the most part, but I just feel like if I would've taken somebody else's hair and put it on somebody else, or somebody else's titties and put it on someone else, we could've come up with a perfect Dolly!" Kylie says. "Everyone was good, but there was just something about every single look [where] something was missing, to me."

The biggest offense? "First of all, no one's titties were big enough! No one's!" she jokes, before confirming that eventual challenge (and lip-sync) winner The Vivienne had one of the best renditions of the episode, next to All Stars 4 winner Trinity The Tuck.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars
Trinity The Tuck on 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7' Night of 1,000 Dolly Partons runway; Kylie Sonique Love as Dolly Parton on 'All Stars 6' Snatch Game.
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While it might've been a challenge for some, Kylie recalls letting the spirit of Parton wash over her on the set of All Stars 6, as she says went method and stayed in character for the full day — including before, between, and after takes on the set as the cast filmed Snatch Game of Love with celebrity guest Cheyenne Jackson.

"I think everybody has their own interpretation. It's all about your perception of how you see Dolly. You can tell when some people [on AS7] just thought of her as a hillbilly.... and some people thought of her as being very glamorous. You had a couple that were giving a cheerful, positive vibe that Dolly gives. For me, when I put on that wig and those nails, I just turn right into her. It was so crazy," Kylie says. "When I was doing Dolly for Snatch Game, I became Dolly. I was Dolly the entire time, even when we were not on set, even when I was back in the dressing room. I was her until I pulled that wig off."

She continues: "Oh, baby, I was doing everything as Dolly. I came in the room as Dolly, I think it got on the girls' nerves so much because I was so good at it. I could tell that they were like, okay, bitch, we're done with Snatch Game, you can stop being Dolly right now. I never did Dolly, never dressed up as Dolly ever in my life, that was my first time doing it. So I was really excited."

Kylie confirms that she has yet to make contact with the real Dolly, despite collaborating with Parton's goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, on several stage performances over the years.

"But, I have [heard from] a whole bunch of people from Dolly's family, her team, and Dollywood," she says. "They reached out to me like, oh my god, we love what you did, any time you want to come to Dollywood, let us know."

Elsewhere in the episode, Kylie — who says she's working on a memoir about her life in addition to a full-length album — also reveals her thoughts on how she'd adapt to the all-winners format, reveals whether or not Michelle Visage's acting tips from RuMerican Horror Story helped her on the set of her first theatrical feature Dope Queens (due out later in 2022), and how a psychically inclined acquaintance helped deliver a message from her grandmother that helped her harness her inner voice and get through the difficulties of filming All Stars 6. Listen to the full episode above, and check out more EW's BINGE podcast episodes on RuPaul's Drag Race below.

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