EW's BINGE podcast covers season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race with Jujubee and Raven.

Tyra Sanchez might've won the judges over by marrying her stunning looks with ace lip-sync skills, but the former drag queen's RuPaul's Drag Race season 2 sisters tell EW she morphed into a momentary bridezilla during an intense confrontation the show's cameras didn't capture.

"It actually happened.... while people were [doing their confessional interviews], so there weren't cameras in the Werk Room," season 2 runner-up Raven explains to hosts Joey Nolfi and Jillian Sederholm in the latest episode of EW's BINGE podcast.

Raven adds that, during prep for the infamous bridal makeover challenge on episode 5, Sanchez — who would go on to win the competition, and now goes by James Ross — tested her fellow competitors' collective patience by singing Beyoncé's "Halo" at the "top of her lungs" while the queens tried to focus on completing their wedding gowns for the runway.

"We had just spent all day filming. Tensions were high. We were halfway through the competition, and she was asked nicely to please be quiet, and she did not," Raven remembers. "She was asked as second time. This is when it got more to a 'Hey, shut the f— up,' and she did not."

Raven says Tatianna then "decided to walk up to her and say 'Look, I'm sick of hearing you. Shut the f— up.' They kind of pushed each other and a production assistant walked in and separated the two of them. Mind you, she was half the height of both of them."

The moment ended with the contestants accepting that the moment marked a "turning point" for Tyra, "where everyone realized she really just doesn't care about anyone else here."

Elsewhere on the episode, Jujubee takes us through the moment her eyeball connected with Raven's stiletto during the final episode's music video shoot, an audio mishap that occurred while Jessica Wild was, well, sitting on the porcelain throne, and more season 2 tea on EW's BINGE podcast, which premieres new episodes featuring Drag Race icons every Thursday.

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