EW's BINGE podcast brings back the co-creator and star to revisit the show's sixth and final season, now streaming on Netflix.

After a record-winning Emmy's sweep, Schitt's Creek still had one big to-do on its checklist: drop the final season on Netflix, where many of the show's fans had first discovered the Pop TV/CBC comedy.

That treat came a bit early, but for everyone watching the sixth season for the first (or tenth) time, we have an extra reward for you: co-creator and star Dan Levy (who plays David) returned to EW's BINGE podcast for a special bonus episode. Levy breaks down the biggest controversies of the season, shares a poignant memory from Emmy's night about co-star Annie Murphy (Alexis), reveals that an alternate ending of the series was shot, and speculates what David and Patrick (played by Noah Reid) would dress up as for Halloween.

Schitts Creek
Credit: PopTV

We also revisit some of our favorite interviews from the EW On Set podcast, which had weekly companion episodes for every week of season six's original airing, including a never-before-heard riff by Catherine O'Hara (Moira) about a viral video she was obsessed with, extended and uncut interviews with Murphy and Dustin Milligan (Ted) about their characters' long-distance struggle, and Eugene Levy (Johnny) and special guest star Victor Garber (who steps in for one episode as Moira's former soap opera nemesis) talk about first meeting during a 1972 production of Godspell in Toronto. Plus, we assemble all of our favorite celebrity name drops from throughout the season, and the best Moira-isms.

Listen to the full episode below or at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and be sure to subscribe to our BINGE feed for more great deep dives of your favorite TV shows and movies.

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