"I remember screaming, 'This season is never going to f---ing end!'" Bosco tells EW about the surprise reveal that she held the season's elusive golden chocolate bar.

Put those sad horns away and sound the harps of angles above, because the holy golden chocolate has gone to the demon queen of RuPaul's Drag Race season 14.

"I'm feeling good, I'm feeling very lucky and happy that I get to continue on doing my bulls--- and showing my ass," Bosco exclusively tells EW's BINGE podcast (below) of unwrapping the elusive, gilded piece of candy that allowed her a free pass to return to the Drag Race competition after her elimination at the end of Friday night's episode, promising that she'll continue to serve "new-and-improved versions of naked" now that she has a new lease on life in the Werk Room.

"After the lip-sync [against Jorgeous in the bottom-two], I was pretty defeated, like, well, this is where the journey ends. I was ready for them to play those sad trombone horns that we hear every single week," Bosco continues. "They do a really nice job of editing out how hard it is to open those chocolate bars. There's usually about a minute of us struggling with the wrapping, and that's always really funny to watch. I struggled with the wrapping a little bit and saw this piece of gold sticking out, and I was like, there's no way. It was the full gold bar. I started scream-laughing, I think I blacked out, full astral projection, scream-laughing. I remember screaming, 'This season is never going to f---ing end!'"

By making epic, explosive television elsewhere throughout the episode — which saw the queens performing in the Moulin Ru! stage production as part of the fan-favorite Rusical song-and-dance challenge — Bosco certainly earned her right to return so quickly after her elimination. At the top of the installment, she clashed with fellow contestant Lady Camden over their shared desire to play the lead role of Saltine, which ended in a group vote that deemed Bosco as the rightful recipient.

RuPaul's Drag Race
Bosco opens the golden chocolate bar on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' season 14.
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Still, Bosco explains, the gals were "vibing within an hour or so" of the argument over the part.

"I was very aware that I was the one in the wrong and being the pettier person, I was like, I'll wait until she's good to talk. By the time we started rehearsals, we were Gucci, we were fine," she remembers. Later, on the runway, Bosco endured a few more verbal lashings from her season 14 sisters — particularly Jorgeous, who quipped about Bosco's tripple-bottom placement in the prior week's lip-sync knockout rounds after Mama Ru asked the remaining queens to tell her who they thought should be eliminated and why.

"That was so funny. It was such a good clap-back," Bosco admits. "Jorgeous was really heated with me in that moment, because I was mean to Lady Camden. Valid. She was mad at me because I [told RuPaul I'd pick] her. She was mad and had a really funny one-liner and comeback to it. Work. She won the one-liner-off there. I'm happy for her flowers there. She beat me in the lip-sync before it even started," Bosco says. "I am a strong believer that drag queens by nature are assholes. While I'm a kind person, I am absolutely an asshole. I don't feel any shame in being a little brat 12 weeks into this competition. I'm usually on my best behavior. I really wanted that thing, so I fought for it."

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