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DC FanDome is almost upon us. In a couple of weeks, the superhero publisher will unveil its massive virtual event showcasing The Flash, Wonder Woman 1984, The Suicide Squad, and so much more — a lot more. To help you prepare for the whole endeavor, which may seem a bit overwhelming, EW has put together this handy guide for what you can expect — including which stars are participating.

What is DC FanDome?

Boasting panels, exciting first looks, and more, DC FanDome is a global virtual fan experience that gives DC lovers access to the entirety of the DC Multiverse, from television and movies, to video games, animation, and of course, comics. Basically, imagine if San Diego Comic-Con was free, online, and completely devoted to DC content. However, it sounds as though this won't just be a series of Zoom panels on YouTube (more on this in a bit).

When is DC FanDome and how do I access it?

Initially, DC FanDome was supposed to go live on Aug. 22 with over 100+ hours of programming and would only be available for 24 hours. However, that plan has changed because the event has been split up into todays. First, DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes goes live at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on Aug.22 with eight hours worth panels and presentations from the publisher's big movies, and a few TV shows, comics and video games. Then, the event continues three weeks later on Sept. 12 with DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse, which boasts even more content from across the multiverse, including the launch of DC Kids FanDome.

You'll be able to enjoy both events in nine different languages: Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Visit and for more information.

How will it work?

DC Fandome
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Based on what's been released, it seems as though Warner Bros. has placed a big emphasis on immersion, trying its best to re-create the interactive experience of a normal convention in the digital space. To that the end, the 100+ hours of programming will be organized in six locations within the FanDome, across tow days.

First, there's the Hall of Heroes, which goes live Aug. 22 and will feature special programming, panels, and new content from DC's movies (Wonder Woman 1984, the SnyderCut of Justice League, The Suicide Squad, and more), TV shows (The Flash, Titans), comic books (The Sandman Universe: Enter the Dreaming), and video games (Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, plus a surprise announcement from WB Games Montreal). However, there's a catch: You have to watch all of these at the designated times on the schedule because they won't be available on demand. Thankfully, the eight-hours worth of programming will air three times in the 24-hour period, giving you multiple chances to catch anything you missed.

Explore the Multiverse will be a completely on-demand experience so fans can plan which panels and other activities they want to do in the 24-hour period. This event will be organized by themed islands that DC has created:

  • WatchVerse: Entering the WatchVerse takes you to a busy street in the FanDome's theatre district, where you can roam storefronts, alleys, rooftops, and the district's four theatres: the Monarch, Athena, Kandor, and McDuffie’s Dakota. Here, you can also experience more panels, world premiere screenings, and more. Plus, McDuffie's Dakota — named after legendary black comic book writer Dwayne McDuffie — features the Blerd & Boujee House with cosplay and fan art. Available panels include: Batwoman, Black Lightning, The Expansion of DC's Watchmen Universe, and more.
  • YouVerse: Like the title suggests, this island spotlights fan art, cosplay, and user-generated content from around the world.
  • InsiderVerse: Go behind the scenes with the artisans from DC's comic books, games, TV, movies, theme parks, consumer products and more.
  • FunVerse: Explore the Batcave, purchase exclusive products and collectibles, and read free digital comic books here.
  • KidVerse: In addition to visiting the Batcave here, younger DC fans can also explore the Teen Titans tower and DC Super Hero Girls' Sweet Justice Cafe.

Check out the full schedule events on each island here.

Which DC TV shows will be there? 

The current list includes: Batwoman, Black Lightning, DC Super Hero Girls, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, DC's Stargirl, Doom Patrol, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Lucifer, Superman & LoisTeen Titans GO!TitansWatchmen, and Young Justice: Outsiders. Even though Supegirl doesn't have its own proper panel, its stars and crew will be involved in other DC FanDome events.

Which DC movies will have a presence?

As of right now: Aquaman, Black AdamFlash, the "Snyder Cut" of Justice LeagueSHAZAM!The Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman 1984. 

Okay, but which stars will be there?

To bring this event to life, WB has enlisted the help of over 300 actors, creators, artists, and crew from across DC's titles, including: Adam Brody (SHAZAM!), Brian Michael Bendis (Superman, Action Comics, Legion of Superheroes), Brec Bassinger (DC's Stargirl), Caity Lotz (DC's Legends of Tomorrow), Candice Patton (The Flash), Christopher Priest, Cress Williams (Black Lightning), David Harewood (Supergirl),  Diane Guerrero (Doom Patrol), Ezra Miller (The Flash), G. Willow Wilson (The Dreaming: Waking Hours), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman 1984), Grant Gustin (The Flash), Idris Elba (The Suicide Squad), Javicia Leslie (Batwoman), Joëlle Jones (Catwoman), Kaley Cuoco (Harley Quinn), Matt Reeves (The Batman), Nicole Maines (Supergirl), Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman 1984), Robert Pattinson (The Batman), Tom King (Strange Adventures), Zachary Levi (SHAZAM!), Viola Davis (The Suicide Squad), and many more. Watch the video above — which was provided by WBTV — for even more names.

In addition to these notables, the event will also feature several global hosts, presenters, and special guests, including: Aisha Tyler, Estelle, H.E.R., Nyambi Nyami, Venus Williams, Will Arnett, and several more listed in the graphic below.

DC FanDome
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Do we know what will be revealed?

For the most part, many of the projects are keeping details close to the vest; however, some directors have let a few things slip in the past few weeks. During an appearance at the Justice League fan-run Justice Con last month, director Zach Snyder announced that the first Snyder Cut teaser trailer will be unveiled at DC FanDome.

Earlier this week, James Gunn revealed on Twitter that he's bringing a first look at The Suicide Squad to grand endeavor, too.

Apparently, that won't be the only Task Force-X related news, though. On Friday, Rocksteady Studios — which made the Batman: Arkham games series — announced their new Suicide Squad video game and hinted more would be revealed at DC FanDome.

Check back as more information becomes available. 

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