The Walking Dead released a trailer for the beginning of its final season (which premieres Aug. 22 on AMC) and announced some key character casting as part of Saturday's Comic-Con@Home panel.

The season 11 trailer drops many clues for what to expect from the first batch of eight episodes from the final season (the second and third batches will be released in 2022). The season appears to pick up thematically with how season 10 ended, showing clear unease between Negan and Maggie. At one point, we see Negan pulling Maggie away screaming from something (or someone), while Maggie later has a gun trained back on him while proclaiming, "The woman who left is not the one standing here now, so you keep pushing me, Negan. Please."

The group appears to have other issues as well, working their way through a military facility and what could be Washington, D.C.'s decrepit underground Metro trains and tunnels.

That's far from all. The new group of foes known as the Reapers are finally on the scene and, like the Whisperers, they are masked. But they're not wearing zombie skin masks like the former antagonists, but rather Halloween-type face coverings.

"They are incredibly skilled, and not skilled like they had to pick it up along the way," said showrunner Angela Kang of the Reapers during the panel. "They were skilled coming into the apocalypse. Every single one of them is like an incredibly brutal organized warrior… These are the pinnacle of human killers."

Of course, the Commonwealth (where Eugene and company were traveling to at the end of last season) makes its presence felt as well, as we see new cast member Michael James Shaw as Commonwealth military leader Mercer, as well as a cheesy welcome video to the community, which ends the trailer in a sufficiently creepy capacity. Watch the trailer above to see all the gory goodness for yourself.

As for the casting news, it was announced that Laila Robins (seen recently on The Blacklist and The Boys) will be paying the key character of Pamela Milton. In the comics, Milton is the governor of the Commonwealth, the group that Eugene and company just traveled to Ohio to meet up with and one that will become a major location on the show. Milton runs the Commonwealth as a class system, with different levels of living depending on one's perceived value to the community. The question in the comic (and, presumably, the TV version) becomes whether the two groups with different operating philosophies can coexist as one.

It was also announced that Josh Hamilton (13 Reasons Why and Eighth Grade) will be playing the character of Lance Hornsby, who can be seen hosting the welcome video at the end of the trailer and acts as the loyal deputy governor of the Commonwealth. Robins and Hamilton will be joining previously announced newcomers Shaw and Margot Bingham as season 11 series regulars.

That was not the only Walking Dead news to drop on Saturday. Fear the Walking Dead showed two clips on its Comic-Con@Home panel from the upcoming season 7, which will premiere Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. on AMC. Alycia Debnam-Carey (who plays Alicia) will be making her directorial debut in season 7, while Gus Halper (from Dickinson) will be joining as a character named Will, and Sydney Lemmon will return as Althea's could-be love interest, the CRM helicopter pilot Isabelle.

And The Walking Dead: World Beyond revealed a season 2 premiere date of Oct. 3 at its panel, along with a first look clip (see below) and plenty of new series regulars in the form of Jelani Alladin, Natalie Gold, Joe Holt, and Ted Sutherland. 

(Videos courtesy of AMC)

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