Now that HBO Max has gotten the ball rolling on their original programming, it's the perfect time to get started on watching Search Party, the critically-acclaimed comedy that just dropped its third season on the streamer.

For help on what episodes are most important to watch, or are at least just the ones that are his personal favorites, Search Party co-creator Charles Rogers appeared on EW's Quick Binge to give recommendations. Since the show begins as a mystery though, you may want to stop here before reading some light spoilers.

First up for Rogers is the season one finale "The House of Uncanny Truths," which he says "makes you look back at the whole first season in a new light." He adds, "when [co-creator Sarah-Violet Bliss and I] were editing and shooting season one, my favorite scenes were the glimpses into what was happening with Chantal because they seemed so terrible, but then in hindsight, when you see where she was, it was like. . . she was just having a bad night's sleep in a mansion."

Next up would be season two's penultimate episode "Frenzy," which provides some hilarious standout scenes from Rogers's old friend Phoebe Tyers. "I like the June moment so much, like I like them following June, the identical twin sister into a department store, and June is kissing backpacks."

Finally, for this new third season of Search Party, Rogers recommends the sixth episode, "In God We Trust." "I think it's just a really good lay of the land of all the characters." While this includes Alia Shawkat, John Reynolds, Meredith Hagner, and John Early, the show's core four actors, Rogers is quick to mention the third season's guest stars as well. "Shalita [Grant] had such funny instincts," he notes, before adding how Michaela Watkins would add genius little jokes at the end of her lines, and how Louie Anderson made the most of having to get up from a chair.

Rogers jokingly ends the video by saying "you can throw all the other episodes in the trash, they're terrible, those are the only three good episodes."

However, to hear more about why you should binge Search Party, watch the full video above. All three seasons are currently streaming on HBO Max.

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