John Wick actor says he has been "doing outlines and concepts" with as-yet-unnamed writing collaborator.

Keanu Reeves is set to become a man of letters.

At Friday's Comic-Con panel for the actor's BRZRKR comic, it was announced that Reeves will co-author a book set in the BRZRKR universe. The John Wick star will collaborate on the title with a yet-to-be-announced writer. The BRZRKR comics are published by BOOM! Studios and concern a half-mortal, half-god warrior named B. who has spent tens of thousands of years fighting around the globe. Reeves co-writes the title with Matt Kindt. The BRZRKR comic is being developed into both a film and an anime show for Netflix.

The announcement that Reeves is working on a BRZRKR novel was made in a video clip by Keith Clayton, an executive at Random House, which will publish the book. Clayton described Reeves' collaborator on the project as a New York Times bestselling author "with a truly great and distinctive vision."

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves
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Reeves was on hand at the panel to elaborate on the project and his work with the mystery collaborator.

"It was cool, man; we met in Berlin," said the actor. "They read the comic, they enjoyed it, and they had a lot of questions. They were kind of open, and curious, and liked the premise, but then it was like, '...and?' And then [we] started to work together. I mean, this will be a collaboration. It's something that the author will be writing. They've been kind enough to offer a collaboration. We've been speaking and doing outlines and concepts but they've brought something really original to the table and they were like, 'What do you think?' And I think all of us were like, 'Sounds crazy but amazing. And, yes, please.' Random House is making it happen, and the author is starting work on it it."

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