By Chancellor Agard
October 10, 2020 at 01:40 PM EDT

The Devil works in mysterious ways — and so does Evil

Like many TV shows, the excellent metaphysical CBS drama is currently in a holding pattern as it waits to start its next season. Unfortunately, that means it didn't have any new footage to reveal during its New York Comic Con panel Saturday (which this writer moderated). But that didn't stop cast members Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, Michael Emerson, Aasif Mandvi, Christine Lahti, and Kurt Fuller from showing up to the virtual convention with a new season 2 trailer that they each filmed from their homes during quarantine. And reader, it is glorious!

Scripted by creators Michelle and Robert King and purposefully reminiscent of trailers for movies like Inception, the trailer shows the cast performing several "moments" from season 2 as Fuller narrates and Mandvi provides the Hans Zimmer-like music. Even though it's unclear if these are actual scenes from the new season, the teaser does offer some major clues for the new batch of episodes, including the end of Leland (Emerson) and Sheryl's (Lahti) engagement.

In case you forgot, season 1 ended with the implication that Kristen (Herbers) murdered her stalker Orson LaRoux and thus might be possessed or at least corrupted now. Not only did a crucifix burn her hand in the final moments of the finale, but her friend/co-worker David (Colter) had a vision of her walking toward the devil. As the "teaser" reveals, Kristen's possible corruption is major concern for both parties in season 2. Whether or not they talk to each other about it, though, remains to be seen, according to Colter.

"David is definitely going to take Kristen’s character in a little differently because he knows that she doesn’t believe the same things that he believes, so they’re always talking on different wavelengths," said Colter during the NYCC panel about how David's relationship with Kristen will change after his vision. "He respects what she brings to the table, but he does feel like the things he sees are legitimate. So how does he convey this to her? How does he get her to actually pay attention to it? Does he say something to her or does he just observe? There’s so many things, but it’s going to give a lot of very interesting things for me to play with and I think for the scenes to have underneath it because we won’t necessarily be able to talk about all the stuff at once or ever."

Throughout season 1, it was clear that there was a mutual attraction between David and Kristen; however, don't assume the show is taking them in a romantic direction, especially since David is moving closer to ordination. The Kings are trying to explore something a little different with this pairing.

"I guess we’ve been bitten a little bit by what we did with Good Wife with Josh Charles and Juliana Margulies’ [characters] Which is there was so much obsession about that kind of relationship that kind of took over — it basically kept the audience from being able to see other things," said Robert King. "So what we thought we were writing with this relationship was a relationship of the intellect, too. Part of it is romance, but part of it is romance of the mind, which I think is an interesting way to go with character especially on TV, because it’s either you slap skin or nothing. There’s very little in-between.”

In addition to teasing future complications for Kristen and David's relationship, the Kings also revealed that this season will feature some new supernatural beings.

"This season has like an avenging angel character that is supposedly good, but talks in terms of evil — evil in terms of killing millions of people and so on," said Robert, who also revealed season 2 will feature a completely silent episode. "There is a character named Abby, who is a version of George. We have, I would say, five or six new scary things this year."

Before the panel ended, the Kings also shed some light on season 1's puzzle, which involved the numbers in the episode title and literal puzzle pieces hidden throughout the 12 of the 13 episodes. "They're all the same size, so you don't have to shrink them or blow them up, and they fit together into an actual puzzle — a 32-piece puzzle. And there are two of those puzzles. Those two puzzles have to be overlapped," said King. "At the end of this, there is a prize of some kind. There's actually 60 prizes, which mimics the 60 mentioned in the show — that each [prize] has a clue to the second season's puzzle."

Thankfully, Evil season 1 is available to stream on Netflix now, so everyone has more time to solve this puzzle.

Watch the trailer above.

Evil will return to CBS soon.

(Video provided by CBS).

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