The Marvel star stopped by EW's Comic-Con video suite fresh off the studio's massive Hall H panel.

When Marvel's Secret Invasion launches on Disney+ next spring, the cloak-and-dagger thriller promises to declassify info about some of the MCU's most mysterious characters.

Fresh off the studio's blockbuster panel at San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H, series star Cobie Smulders stopped by EW's video suite Saturday to offer some intel about what her character, Maria Hill, and trusted colleague Nick Fury — played by "friggin' icon" Samuel L. Jackson — will be up to.

"The great thing that the series gives us the opportunity to do is really dive into the characters more, really explore their relationships with each other," Smulders said. "It was just really exciting to shoot these scenes with Sam that were like, we weren't just talking about 'How are we gonna get the thing to fix the thing?' And we're able to show sort of their relationship that is seen behind the scenes."

She went on to tease that Marvel fans will see "a version of Nick Fury that they haven't seen before. You know like, what does he do to relax? Does he ever relax? What are his hobbies, you know? Does he have a family? What is his backstory? And they really do a deep dive into him and his life in this series."

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Created by Kyle Bradstreet, Secret Invasion is based on the iconic comic storyline in which it's revealed that the shape-shifting aliens known as Skrulls have secretly infiltrated powerful organizations around the globe. The heavyweight cast also includes Ben Mendelsohn as the Skrull Talos (reprising his role from Captain Marvel), Kingsley Ben-AdirOlivia Colman, and Emilia Clarke.

Despite the extraterrestrial element, Smulders said the series has a bit of a darker, grittier tone.

"Even though we have Skrull aliens running around, it is a very grounded, on-this-earth drama," she teased. "It is really human — again, even though there are aliens in it. We're dealing with real human issues and dealing with trust. Can I trust you? Are you who you say you are? And do you have my back? In our story, because we don't know exactly who everybody is — if they're a Skrull or they're a human, if they're good or they're bad — it creates a lot of tension. It creates a lot of friction among the characters. And also it's a stressful environment."

But, she added, "It's been a lot of fun."

Watch the video above for more from Smulders.

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