We hear it all the time: stars are just like us. For actors who are pop culture fans themselves, that applies even further to a topic very near and dear to many a Comic-Con goer's heart: collecting.

As part of EW's Fandom Week, we asked some of the actors taking part in this year's virtual Comic-Con what their favorite and most prized pop culture possessions are. We caught up with Fear the Walking Dead's Colman DomingoBrave New World's Joseph Morgan, and The Boys' Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, and Jessie T. Usher for a little bit of pop culture show and tell.

Urban just might have the coolest collection, having saved tons of memorabilia and costume pieces from his most beloved projects. In the video above, he reveals he snagged his helmet from the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. "It's an absolute work of art made by Richard Taylor and the guys at Weta workshop," he says. "The attention to detail is extraordinary, there's some detail here that you might not necessarily register in the film."

He also has his helmet from Dredd, which he initially tried to abscond with but was eventually gifted. "I always actually try to take a little memento from the piece and I tried to take this and the producers literally caught me with it in my suitcase and said, 'No you can't have it yet,' but they very kindly sent it to me three months later," he says.

He also has plenty of collectibles he's secured in life off of set, including a drumstick that flew off stage into his seat at a Rolling Stones concert and an autographed Princess Leia portrait of Carrie Fisher, who wrote, "Hey Karl, for a good time call Cloud City, 310 Space Chick."

Fear the Walking Dead's Colman Domingo also has a mix of items he's acquired on his own, like a Ron Haywood Jones painting featuring Felix the Cat. "When I see this painting, I thought of myself because I think of myself as that black cat," he tells EW.

But Domino also has his fair share of on-set treasures, including a t-shirt he received as a gift on the reboot of Candyman, featuring a quote from his character in the film on the back. "I haven't even worn this, I don't even plan on wearing it, I plan on keeping this hung up in my closet because it's really special," he says.

Jack Quaid has a lot of video game-related paraphernalia, and he has a soft spot for The Boys' promotional item — a calendar featuring Chace Crawford (who Quaid insists is the real "America's ass," not Captain America). But perhaps his most adorable story is about the action figure of his character Marvel from The Hunger Games franchise.

Quaid was in college at NYU when the figure was released and he scoured New York City for one. "I heard there was an action figure like this available that was me, so I remember I went to every Hot Topic or comic book store I could find to grab one of these things," he recalls. "They came in these little mystery boxes, so it took me a little while to find me."

Brave New World's Joseph Morgan has saved some unusual things from sets over the years, including a walnut from the set of The Immortals and a gold coin from episode 8, season 1 of The Originals where he offers a group of attacking vampires a chance to live if they take the coin. Morgan loving dubs it a "piece of pure gold memorabilia." He also has a more sentimental pop culture item, an Alien statuette that was a gift from his mother. "It's a desk ornament that reminds me of my family," he says.

Another The Boys star Jessie T. Usher is a bit of a Potterhead, owning both a replica of Lord Voldermort's wand and a golden snitch fidget spinner. He has adorable collectibles from his Amazon Prime show too, including a fan-made piece of art featuring his character and custom-made Lego pieces of the entire cast.

Do you have pop culture collectibles of your own? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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