"It was such a beautiful goodbye to us as a family, and I was really impressed with it," says star Audrey Esparza.
Blindspot - Season 3

Blindspot may be over, but show creator Martin Gero is bringing the stars back together for a post-finale celebration. "It was such a beautiful goodbye to us as a family, and I was really impressed with it," says actress Audrey Esparza, who was a wreck after watching the finale.

Gero, Esparza, Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton, Rob Brown, and Ashley Johnson all got together to record an after-party as part of EW's Fandom Week. In EW's Around the Table video above, Gero shares his scariest experience shooting the show, they all reminiscence about their memorable trip to Peru, and the bonds they made during this five-year journey.

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Bringing the cast together was Gero's way to honor their crew and the entertainment industry at large. Besides having a fun-filled chat down memory lane, he wanted to raise money for the Actor's Fund.

On an average day, there are just under 200 crew members on Blindspot's set, and the cast shared some of their fondest memories of those working behind the scenes. Between the banter of the camera team to the stunt team that made those constant, high-octane action sequences possible, they had a lot to thank them for. Fittingly, Alexander, who played a very tatted-up Jane, gave a shout out to the make-up team who spent hours putting those elaborate tattoos on her.

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With all of us stuck indoors, the cast also looked back at their characters' international adventures during the second half of the series, including Tokyo, Zurich, and Paris. Throughout the final 3 seasons, the cast and crew traveled to over a dozen countries. Stapleton and Alexander loved going to Italy; Brown looked back on hiking with Luke Mitchell in Cape Town; and several others gushed about their time in Peru during season 3, specifically getting the chance to film at Machu Picchu, a place very few people get to shoot. They were all happy to be part of something that got a real ending, which isn't something TV shows are guaranteed.

In the end, the Blindspot team sends their love to everyone who watched the show and feels blessed to have given their show a proper ending. "We wouldn't have done 100 episodes if we didn't have the most insatiable and dedicated fanbase," according to Gero.

For more, make sure to watch the full Around the Table interview with the cast of Blindspot.

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