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P-Valley star Shannon Thornton takes us inside Keyshawn's origin episode
'P-Valley' shows viewers how Keyshawn met Derrick, what her family was like, and more in the flashback-filled hour.
Lil Murda's reunion with Big Teak on P-Valley will deeply impact his music and season 2 journey
After releasing hit songs and starting a powerful love story in season 1, 'P-Valley' is diving into Lil Murda's past in its second season.
P-Valley creator Katori Hall and star Nicco Annan on Uncle Clifford's moment on the pole
On the latest episode of 'P-Valley,' Uncle Clifford shows everyone at the Pynk how its done.
How P-Valley's Uncle Clifford is expanding representation on TV
'P-Valley' creator Katori Hall and Nicco Annan have been on a journey with Uncle Clifford together from the beginning. They share how the character came to be and look at her impact on TV.

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Outlander producer promises 'exciting' season 7: 'The Revolution is here'

"We almost can't wrap our arms around it," Maril Davis tells EW of next season.