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Kevin Smith says it's 'baffling' that Warner Bros. canceled Batgirl but not The Flash
"It's an incredibly bad look to cancel the Latina Batgirl movie," says the Clerks director. "I don't give a s--t if the movie was absolute f---ing dog s--t — I guarantee you that it wasn’t.”
John Oliver calls out new Warner Bros. Discovery bosses for 'burning down my network'
"We let the [monkeypox] vaccine sit unused on a shelf in our reserves like an expired Chobani or a $90 million movie on HBO Max."
Batgirl directors receive support from Kevin Feige, James Gunn, and Edgar Wright after film's shelving
'Batgirl' co-director Adil El Arbi is thanking filmmakers Kevin Feige, James Gunn, and Edgar Wright for messages they sent after Warner Bros. shelved his film.
HBO Max and Discovery+ to become one streaming service to launch next summer
Warner Bros. Discovery's chief executive officer also addressed the cancellation of Batgirl, adding that DC remains a "top of the list" brand.

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Batgirl shelved by Warner Bros. following poor test screenings: Report
Despite being nearly finished, 'Batgirl' will reportedly not be moving forward with a release on HBO Max or theatrically.
Yasmin's 'wild' first encounter with Celeste on Industry was originally very different
Marisa Abela explains why private wealth management is a better fit for Yasmin and teases her reunion with her estranged father.