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Jada Pinkett Smith urges Will Smith, Chris Rock to 'reconcile' after Oscars slap: 'We need them both'
The actress hosted an emotional alopecia-themed episode of 'Red Table Talk' after 'thousands' reached out to her about the condition after Rock joked about it at the 2022 Oscars.
Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk returns but not with Will Smith
Fans hoping for an intimate discussion about the Chris Rock Oscars slap won't find it on the season 5 premiere.
Jada Pinkett Smith reveals why her Nutty Professor wig looked so 'rough': 'I fought and I fought'
On the latest episode of Red Table Talk, the actress says The Nutty Professor is the last time she didn't have her own hairstylist for a film.
Why Salma Hayek insisted Jada Pinkett Smith be naked for 'Nada Se Compara' music video
Hayek wanted Pinkett Smith to be "as naked with her body as she was with her voice" in the music video.
Salma Hayek recalls bombing her athletic audition for The Matrix: 'I'm lazy!'
Fellow finalists Jada Pinkett Smith and Carrie-Anne Moss would go on to star in the blockbuster franchise.

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Kevin Hart opens up about how his scandals affected his kids in Red Table Talk with Will Smith
Hart and Smith discussed the trials of parenting and fame in a candid conversation on the Facebook Watch talk show.
Paris Jackson and Willow Smith spontaneously left Red Table Talk to record a new song together
Paris Jackson and Willow Smith were so inspired by their 'Red Table Talk' interview that they left the set to record a new song together in the studio.