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Ahsoka star Ivanna Sakhno spills on 'ambitious Force-wielder' Shin Hati
"I really care so much about her, and I feel like it's my job to take care of her and protect her."
Diana Lee Inosanto teases Magistrate backstory reveal on Ahsoka
The actress didn't even know her character had a name when she appeared on The Mandalorian, but we're about to learn a lot more about Morgan Elsbeth.
The late Ray Stevenson loved everything about starring on Ahsoka
In one of his final interviews, the actor gushed about being part of the upcoming Star Wars series.

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American Born Chinese review: A masterful mash-up of fantasy and teen turmoil
Ben Wang, Jimmy Liu, Michelle Yeoh, and Ke Huy Quan star in a thrilling adaptation of Gene Luen Yang's graphic novel.
Marvel reveals fall release dates for Loki season 2 and Echo

Echo will also be Marvel's first Disney+ show to drop all episodes at the same time.