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Survivor 43 recap: Noelle enters full beast mode
Noelle follows last week's brilliant strategic move with a jaw-dropping challenge performance, raising her threat level in the process.
Ryan Medrano reveals the reason he was always fishing on Survivor
There is something fishy about our exit interview with the Survivor 43 juror.
James Jones gave Sami his Knowledge Is Power on Survivor 43
The island mob boss also reacts to Karla turning on him.
Jeff Probst clarifies Knowledge is Power rules on Survivor
Could James have swiped Noelle's Steal-a-Vote right after she told Jeff she had an advantage? We asked the host.
Survivor 43 recap: Sami makes a super risky move
Sami proves he's a teen titan with a move that absolutely should not have worked… but did.

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Um, QVC has made a Christmas movie about hot chocolate
See the trailer for Holly & the Hot Chocolate, which debuts Nov. 24 on QVC+, joining the crowded marketplace of 150-plus Yuletide flicks debuting across networks and streamers.
Jeff Probst takes us inside the Survivor casting process
"Putting on a front doesn't work, as our process is designed to sniff out anyone who isn't being authentic," says the host and executive producer.
Jeanine Zheng reveals reaction to Jesse having her Survivor immunity idol

The ousted player also discusses having the most famous chin on reality TV.