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Gabrielle Union struggled to relate to her character in The Inspection: 'I look at homophobes as trash'
'I look at homophobes as trash,' Gabrielle Union says of her own character in the confrontational 'The Inspection.'
Pearl review: Mia Goth melts down as a serial killer in the making
A prequel to Ti West's 'X,' 'Pearl' unfolds in a lurid psychological zone that's even scarier.
How X and Pearl star Mia Goth ended up playing three of 2022's greatest horror roles
"It just snowballed," the actress says of her multiple starring roles in director Ti West's double shot of big-screen terror — and there's a third movie on the way.
Mr. Harrigan's Phone trailer reveals the call is coming from inside the coffin
Connect with the latest trailer for the Netflix adaptation of Stephen King's novella 'Mr. Harrigan's Phone'
Director Ti West went over the rainbow to make 'demented, disturbing' horror prequel Pearl
Mia Goth plays the younger version of the killer from West's X in an origin story that evokes the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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