ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15

Jimmy Kimmel always gets unprecedented access to award winners, but for the 2018 Emmys, he scored an interview with the biggest stars of the night: Glenn Weiss and Jan Svendsen.

To refresh your drink, Weiss was the Emmy winner who turned his acceptance speech into a surprise marriage proposal. Celebs watched in joyous shock as Svendsen got up on stage and Weiss got down on one knee. The couple re-emerged on Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Tuesday night episode holding glasses of champagne in a bed in their jammies.

Weiss said, “It’s been a rough couple of weeks and I think maybe I got more perspective on life,” referring to the death of his mother. “And it just became clear about a week or two ago that I wanted to do something at some point coming. I didn’t think it would happen this quickly, but an opportunity arose.”

Having won an Emmy for directing the 90th Academy Awards, Weiss has been the guy to hurry people off stage by cuing the music during lengthy speeches. When it came time for his speech, Weiss admitted, “I was actually really worried about that.”

Weiss and Svendsen weren’t the only Emmy darlings to sit down with the Kimmel crew: Guillermo went backstage with stars like Tiffany Haddish, Darren Criss, Bill Hader, Rachel Brosnahan, and Henry Winkler for his famous back-to-back interviews. They ate Skittles, took “scalpies” (selfies for your scalp), and Guillermo tried to get the newly crowned winners to donate their statuettes to a dog charity.

All in all, not his worst interviews.

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15
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