Glenn Weiss undoubtedly pulled off the best speech of Emmy night by springing a very public proposal on girlfriend Jan Svendsen while accepting his award for Directing a Variety Special.

But when the feel-good moment ended in another victory — she said yes! — one had to wonder: What exactly was the plan if he didn’t win? “To be honest with you, there was no plan B,” Weiss told reporters backstage. “If this didn’t happen exactly in this way, something else equally big and surprising would’ve happened.

“Wait until next year?” he continued. “I suppose at the [Governors] Ball, or at In-N-Out Burger, which is our staple after-awards shows.”

Weiss said he didn’t feel that he could warn Emmys director Hamish Hamilton in advance of the proposal scenario because they were competing in the same category, and that would be bad form. “I want to say thank you to Hamish, who took the cue,” said Weiss. “Hamish was on her [with the cameras] at the right point, I was so glad to see the replay of that.”

The couple met in 2001 and worked together for a decade, including on the Tonys. He has two daughters, Svendsen has three. “There’s nothing but estrogen in our world,” Weiss said, “which is all really good, but our lives came together because of the Tonys and have centered around this awards show environment ever since.”

How will they celebrate on this now-extra-special night? “I think we’ll probably hit more parties than we thought we were going to hit tonight,” he said. “I think we’re going to celebrate. Probably it’s going to be a long night.”