By Shirley Li
September 17, 2018 at 08:48 PM EDT

Saturday Night Live stars Colin Jost and Michael Che opened the 70th Emmy Awards with a series of rapid-fire, Weekend Update-style jokes that garnered laughs — as well as some remarkable reaction shots, thanks to Chrissy Teigen and Atlanta‘s Brian Tyree Henry.

Jost and Che followed up the starry, tongue-in-cheek opening number about diversity in Hollywood and the industry’s turbulent year with a number of topical jokes — targets included broadcast networks’ minimal nominations compared to streaming giant Netflix, the number of people actually watching the Emmys at home, and Roseanne Barr — with the last one causing Teigen to attempt to hide when the camera turned to her and husband John Legend.

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Che had just joked that anyone being nominated for performing in Roseanne is “like nominating a cop for a BET award,” when this happened:

A few minutes later, Henry delivered an equally screenshot-able reaction, when Jost quipped that Hollywood, in reaction to the growing push for representation on screen, the industry will “balance” it out by green-lighting “an all-white reboot of Atlanta, called 15 Miles Outside of Atlanta.” Henry frowned and jokingly dismissed the idea:

Credit: NBC

“TV has come a long way,” Jost concluded. “I think we can keep television going for another five, six years tops.”

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