By Kristen Baldwin
July 23, 2018 at 04:05 PM EDT
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Long hours are a part of the job at Saturday Night Live, but Aidy Bryant put in overtime and then some for the show’s April 7 installment hosted by Chadwick Boseman. Her two standout pre-taped bits in the episode — a hip-hop fantasy entitled “Aidy B. & Cardi B.” and a commercial for Nike’s “Pro-Chiller Leggings” — had to shoot on the same day, which meant Bryant essentially had to be in two places at once. “I think I worked a 24-hour day that day,” she says in a new interview with EW’s Chasing Emmy podcast. “In total, over the two days, Thursday to Friday, I think I had worked straight for about 36 hours. It felt like a marathon.”

Waiting for Bryant at the finish line was an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series; its her second one overall — she earned an Outstanding Music and Lyrics nomination in 2014 for “Home for the Holiday (Twin Bed)” — but this is her first performance nomination for SNL. As a “diehard” fan of Cardi B., Bryant was eager to write something for the rapper. “My whole life people have always called me Aidy B., growing up and stuff, so I thought, ‘I’m Aidy B., and she’s Cardi B. — what if I tried to become more like Cardi B.?'” says Bryant, who worked up the nerve to ask Cardi B. when she came to studio 8H for sound check. “I think her album was coming out the next day, and two days after that, on Saturday, she was going to reveal her pregnancy to the world — it was like a huge moment for her. So to go in there and be like, ‘Hi Cardi, would you like to do this very dumb video?’ was kind of scary. But she was totally lovely.”

To hear more from Bryant — including why she loves sketches where “something is bound to go wrong,” and how she turned a truly offensive offer for a movie role into a Weekend Update joke — listen to the full interview below. And for more Emmy news and interviews, subscribe to EW’s Chasing Emmy podcast.