Here's the inside scoop on all the Emmys parties


Here’s Jimmy Kimmel‘s Emmys experience at a glance: a fanny pack full of treats, repetitive after-parties, Sean Spicer, and lots and lots of mini hamburgers. In other words, it was a wild night.

It began on the red carpet, where the late-night personality showed up with a fanny pack attached to his tuxedo. “Everyone gets hungry at award shows because they go on and on and on, but if you bring food, people sitting around you while you’re eating the food get mad. So, last night I wore, as you can see, a fanny pack that was bursting with snacks. I had snacks for everyone in my area,” Kimmel said on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. “I went to CVS and I bought a Halloween-sized amount of candy and junk, and I stuffed it all in there.”

He joked that his wife, Molly McNearney, was “so turned on” by the fanny pack that they “almost had to cancel the whole thing and stay in.” But seriously, Kimmel quickly clarified, “She was genuinely mortified.”

After the ceremony came the onslaught of after-parties. Bursting all of our collective bubbles, however, Kimmel said every one of these flashy, celebrity-filled shindigs were “exactly the same party.” He hasn’t done acid before, but “after going to an after-party that had Sean Spicer and RuPaul at it,” he has a pretty good sense of what it’s like.

“Every party, it’s a bunch of people dressed up, drinking cocktails, and telling you you were robbed — everyone who wasn’t holding an Emmy,” Kimmel said.

The biggest shocker was seeing all these A-listers turning down hors d’oeuvres, leaving Kimmel to eat all the mini hamburger sliders on the tray. “If I do eventually make it into the Emmys in memoriam montage, I want them to use a picture of me stuffing mini hamburgers into my mouth,” he laughed.

His sidekick Guillermo also had an unforgettable night at the Emmys. While most reporters were interviewing the winners on red carpets and in press conferences, this guy was doing piggyback-style interviews with Laura Dern, Donald Glover, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Elisabeth Moss, and more of the winners.

In addition to wooing Alec Baldwin’s wife with free drinks, Guillermo took an upside-down margarita from John Oliver — i.e. Guillermo leaned back as Oliver agonizingly poured each ingredient of the cocktail into his mouth, one by one. Guillermo gave it a 2 out of 10.

“Guillermo, if you try to f–k me in the a–, I’m not gonna be happy,” Dreyfus said up front as Guillermo got into position for their piggyback chat. Nicole Kidman, meanwhile, wasn’t having it. “I think I’m gonna go now. Bye!” she said, hurrying away.

Watch clips from their Emmys night above.

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