By Derek Lawrence
September 17, 2017 at 09:46 PM EDT

Stephen Colbert just landed the most exclusive interview of his career.

During Sunday’s 69th Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, the event’s host sat down with Emmy, herself, who was played by Emmy winner RuPaul.

“I’m excited to be sitting down at all,” she told Colbert. “I’ve been holding that thing for 69 years.”

After all she’s seen over the years, Emmy had plenty of gossip to spill, including about a past hookup with Colbert, who wondered if they might be able to rekindle the romance during Sunday’s ceremony.

In addition to sharing what fellow trophy is a “basic woman,” she offered some crucial advice for the night’s winners. “Listen up, if you win: own it, share it, love it,” said Emmy. “But when you get up on that stage, don’t say you’re surprised how heavy I am, because that’s just plain rude.”