By Natalie Abrams
September 17, 2017 at 10:35 PM EDT
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Following her Emmy win on Sunday night, Kate McKinnon opened up about portraying the Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live, and the meal the duo shared together.

“It was very surreal and wonderful and she was warm and gracious as always and I ate too much,” McKinnon said of breaking bread with the Democratic presidential nominee, whom McKinnon says has been a great honor to portray. “I’m certainly a great admirer of hers and I hope that it’s mutual. I think that it is. It’s just been the greatest honor of my life and the greatest role I’ve gotten to play and again just a huge admirer of hers. A huge honor.”

Because of the constantly moving parts of the election, followed by a polarizing and unpredictable presidency, McKinnon said being a cast member on SNL last season did sometimes prove difficult. “There were a few times where we really had to rewrite some major stuff the night before and that’s just a testament to how quick and incredible the writers are,” McKinnon said. “It was kind of like a sport sometimes really racing toward the finish line. It was wild. I loved it.”

While she couldn’t pick a favorite moment, McKinnon added, “Every week had this special kind of electricity running through it. It was an incredible banner year to been a part of the show, and I’m so proud to have even been a fly on the wall this season.”

McKinnon was less forthcoming about her thoughts on Sean Spicer crashing the Emmys on Sunday night, where he made light of his post-inauguration take-down of the media. “I enjoyed seeing him again,” McKinnon said curtly. Read Alec Baldwin’s reaction here.

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